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Time to move!

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I will not be posting to this website any longer. Please visit - southerncoasts.wordpress.com for now.


Time to tan!

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It is FINALLY warming up here and I am SO happy! But with that warm weather comes capris, flip-flops, dresses, and shorts...and that means showing some leg! Which is all well and nice..unless you have pasty white legs like me. I occasionally tan (calm down! I don’t go ALL THE TIME and it’s my ‘me time’) but my legs never seem to get any color. I have heard of St. Tropez before from various blogs, but not by anyone I actually know in person so that I could see it in action. I read some reviews, watched some videos, and finally bit the bullet and bought some. Ulta has a money back guarantee, so if I hated it, I could return it. A quick stop at Ulta and $45 later I was ready to go.



I posted this pic to FB and Instagram with requests for a full review - and here you have it!



Ok, first off, I love this stuff.

Check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCzBJ4Z4RI0" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">this video and watch how she applies the mousse.

The smell is nice and doesn’t bother me at all.

I have only used on my legs and feet. The rest of me takes a tan quite nicely.

I have used it 3 times now and my legs now match the rest of my body, lol.

Shave at least an hour before using.

Scrub down the area you are going to apply it too before you use. I just used warm water and sugar.

Be sure to moisturize your knees, toes, ankles, and any other crazy dry spots really well.

It dries super quickly and leaves no sticky residue.

Wash out your mitt with warm water and soap as soon as you are done.

I use about 3 pumps per leg section - 3 from knee to foot and 3 from hip to knee.

DO NOT SKIMP! Buy the applicator mitt! (mine was free with a large bottle of mousse)

Be sure to buff it in really well and work quickly. This will help cut down on any potential streaks.

I will buy it again and I would HIGHLY recommend it to ANYONE.


Pardon the crappy leg/foot pics, but DUDE it is hard to get good bright shots of your own legs lol! I have had multiple people tell me how nice and natural it looks.



My recommendation? Buy it and use it as fast as you can. If you don’t like it, return it, and wear pants for a couple days.


Too tight shoes - ouch!

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Is it just me (it probably is), but do you have one foot bigger than the other? I don’t always have this issue, but man when it do, LOOK OUT! My right foot seems to be, at times, at least ¼ size bigger than my left. Cue recent trip to Payless looking for some summer peep toe shoes.

 I found the Kelly Peep Toe Wedges and loved them - so I bought them.



Got home, put them on again, and OUCH! Dang all mighty that pinky toe was killer! There was NO WAY I was going to be able to wear these all day, much less an hour….



I considered going back and returning them - no, no good. And then I thought about trying to see if I could sneak one shoe back and swap it for a 10.5 - probably not, no good. And FINALLY it dawned on me to check Pinterest - UM DUH! Everything is on that website (or everything I seem to need at least)!


I went to my ~Tips for our home~ board and did a quick search for ‘shoes’ and wouldn’t ya know I found what I was looking for! Check it:



Super easy - shoes, socks, & hair dryer.

Put socks on

Heat up part of shoe that is too tight for a few seconds

Wiggle toes around or stretch gently with hands

Repeat as needed


Wham-bam-thank you-ma’am! Wore those new shoes all day totally problem free! Give it a try, it might be worth hanging on to those gotta-have-them-right-now shoes that you thought wouldn’t work out!


March BirchBox

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It has finally happened….the weather is warming up! It was up to almost 70 today and will be in the 60s/70s all week! Can I get a HELLS YES?! #soexcited #finally


And I know… I’m a day late and a dollar short #failsauce #notmarchanymore


And yes, I am using hashtags for no real reason #deal #funtimes


{image from: Birchbox.com}


COOLA Tinted Matte SPF 30 for Face

- I LOVE using these types of products during the spring and summer…if summer will ever get here…I have not used this yet, but I plan to use it once it warms up.


DDF® Ultra Lite Oil Free Moisturizing Dew

- Oh.My.Goodness… this has changed my life. I think I am going to end up buying the full size product as soon as I run out of my sample. It’s light, crazy hydrating, and wonderful to mix with my foundation!


Gilchrist & Soames London Body Lotion

- This was a so-so sample. I have tons of lotions and this didn’t really stop me in my tracks.


English Laundry No. 7 for Her

- Again, another wow product. When I first tried this, honestly, I thought it smelled like something my grandmother would wear. I gave it another day and that sealed the deal. I love the scent!


Ghirardelli Intense Dark Cherry Tango

- Anything cherry flavored is gross. That is all.


Ojon damage reverse™ Restorative Hair Treatment Plus

- I absolutely hated this stuff. It smelled terrible, made my hair crazy greasy, and didn’t work at all. Maybe it was user error, but I won’t be trying this stuff again.


So what did you get this month? Did you fall head over heals with anything?


DIY - key chain tassel!

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Boo! …. Did I scare you? I know it’s been awhile since I’ve been on, but I am back!


Ok, awhile back I found this little picture on Pinterest and I HAD to have one. I looked on Lilly Pulitzer’s website and couldn’t find the actual key chain, but they didn’t have it. #sadday



So, I decided that I could try to make one! I went to Michael’s, bought 2 packages of teal (because that’s my fave color -duh!) leather lace, and went to town getting everything together!


Supplies needed - leather lace, super glue, key chain fob of some sort, and about 15 mins.


{side note: my key chain fob is pieces of a scarf accessory that I took apart}


I cut the leather pieces down to as many 6 inch pieces as I could get out of the packages (minus the tie string), looped them through the key fob-thingy…



…tied them off with another piece…



…secured the knot with super glue…



…slipped my cover bead over the knot…



…and finally, I tied it all up to get the tassels in line! {seriously, go back and look at how unruly those things are!!!}


BOOM! Key chain tassel in my fave color, for like $6, and 15  mins! Some of the tassels are still a little wonky, but I think they will even out eventually.


{side note again: do you see my glitter keys in the background? Those babies are still hanging on! I’ve actually been thinking about redoing them but haven’t gotten around to it yet.}


Have you been doing anything crafty lately? Found something you just had to try to make?


Clear my head

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This is exactly what I need. I just need some sand, sun, and warm salty breezes. I need a break from the every day blahness....this winter seriously needs to take a hike!



February BirchBox

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     [image from - www.birchbox.com]


Ruby Wing Color Changing Nail Polish

- This polish boasts that it changes color when exposed to the sun and that it has a floral scent. I experienced neither. I liked the hot pink nail polish color, but in the week I had it on it did not change color once.


Beauty Protector Protect & Oil

- I have yet to use this, but I am sure it works fine. It is kind of troublesome when provided with hair treatment samples, in that, there isn’t enough for my whole head! So I can’t really get a good feel on how the product actually works.


- I LOVE all the scents that Juicy Couture puts out, but the one issue I have with all of them - the scent

Juicy Couture La La Malibu

NEVER, not even once, lasts throughout the day… or even a few hours later. It smells amazing as soon as it is applied, but within a few hours it’s totally gone. This might just be me and my body chemistry, so I would say give it a try, just because the scents are so wonderful!


dr. brandt® Exclusive Camera-Ready Kit

- I did not receive this in my box this month. I thought my box seemed a little light and this would be why….


32 Oral Care Effervescent Breath Crystals with IsoVoxy

- I also have yet to use these. I tossed them in my purse for a bad breath emergency…. let’s be honest, we all have days like that lol!


Not the best box, but not the worst. Maybe next month will knock my socks off!

What did you get this month?


Ideas that stick

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Do you ever see an image or hear about something, and you just can't get it out of your mind? It happens to me from time to time, and this time it was a key chain.....


{image source - http://www.lillypulitzer.com/}


I have been thinking about that key chain tassel all night. I want....scratch that... NEED to make this! So what's next? Hunt down a great leather color and get cookin! Does this ever happen to you?


Stay tuned!!


Missing you

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This sums up my feelings EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. -  that is all.


Pops of pink!

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11... that is the high temperature for today....cold yet?! Yeah, needless to say, I am itching for some warmer weather {seriously, I will take 40 degrees!} and some fun in the sun.


Since I can't control the weather, I make due with wearing bright colors, fun nail polish, and bright pink lip gloss! My current fave is BUXOM Lips by Bare Essentials. In the past I have loved many lip glosses {like TONS...I have a problem...}, but in the end I always make my way back to my good ol' buddy - bright pink.



Here are my top 3 must try/must have bright pinks!


{Find these at: Sephora - Birchbox - Sephora}

Bobbi Brown in Rosy/ Jouer in Birchbox Pink/ BUXOM in Melonie


I like that they are all shimmer free, I hate having little pieces of glitter all over my lips! I also like that they are all fairly light in the fragrance dept, go on like a dream, and add a fun pop of color. I feel like this color looks good with most skin tones and hair colors.


Try one or try them all, but give bright pink a shot...I promise you will love it!