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Beach Sign project

Posted on July 17, 2011 at 8:52 PM

I had hoped to get this up sooner but life tends to get in the way from time to time so better late than never right? It was super easy and super cheap to make this fun little sign. Its no secret that I love any/everything that has to do with the ocean or beach so this was a nice little side project to work on. 

The board was a scrap piece of pine and is about 20 inches long by about 8 inches wide.

To give it the look of an old piece of beach drift wood employed a few different tricks. First I beat it with a hammer (both ends) and then I took it outside and scraped it against the concrete sidewalk. I added a few stones underneath and just raked the whole front against the sidewalk and stones. Then I took a wood chisel and ripped the corners up. I used a fine grade sandpaper to smooth it out since I had to paint it and not ruin my brushes.

To give it a nice bleached white washed effect I just watered down some white acrylic paint and smeared it on. I also used some green, blue, grey, and black to give the edges the look of being out in the water and getting broken down. Personally I liked the color range I used but if you wanted less or more on the edges I think it would look just as nice. And since acrylic dries so quickly you could easily just put another coat on top of the one you didnt like... that or take some sandpaper to it and start over. I let this dry overnight and tried to hunt down a nice beachy font I liked. I love the website www.fontspace.com because they have so many options for almost every need. Normally I would try to free hand it but I didnt want to have to erase over the fresh paint. I printed it out in the size I wanted and traced it on with some graphite paper. 

The chain I used to hang the sign with is actually from an old window (when I say old I mean like 100 years old) that was pulled from an old house. It was used as part of a pulley system to open and close these huge heavy windows. I didnt do a thing to it except cut it to size. I love how the rusted colors blend so nicely with the over all piece.

And here is the finished piece! I added a starfish and a sand dollar I found when on vaca to Florida earlier this year. The shells are another personal perferance... add more or none depending on your taste. 

Be sure to visit back soon to see the next project! .... is tomorrow really Monday?! Sheesh where did the weekend go?

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